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SGRI 2020 Conference

Enduring turbulence
and the struggle for (dis-)order in world politics

XIII Annual Conference
Italian Standing Group on International Relations (SGRI)

Pavia, 08-10 June, 2020


UPDATE: Due to circumstances brought on by the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, the SGRI 2020 Conference is postponed to a date to be set. 


The annual Conference of the Italian Standing Group on International Relations is a three-day session that brings together scholars, researchers and PhD students coming mainly from Italian academia, that has recently seen an increase in the participation of scholars coming from abroad. It represents a unique opportunity to discuss issues related to global politics, international security, international political economy, foreign policy, regional dynamics and international theory.

The 2020 Conference will be held for the first time in Pavia, from 8 to 10 June.

The event is co-organized by IP Lab and sponsored by:

This year's topic is “Enduring turbulence and the struggle for (dis-)order in world politics”.

30 years after the end of the Cold War, turbulence seems to have become a persistent feature of world politics, resulting from a variety of profound transformations that call into play the fundamental fabric of international relations. Among them:

  • the impact on states as the main organizing entities of international politics of the growing relevance of non-state actors; their new means of influence; and, the redefinition of the principles of legitimacy of actorness;
  • the interplay between domestic and external determinants of security, the mixing of traditional and non-traditional practices in armed conflicts, and the problematic relationship between the stability of domestic political orders and the stability of the international political order;
  • the competition between the acceleration of the internationalization of economic and social activities, on the one hand, and the growing strategic value of non-transferable resources (among which energy, land and water), on the other;
  • the consequences of the reduction of strategic interdependence among the different regional contexts and the rise of local armed conflicts on the effectiveness of regional and universal organizations.

The depth of the ongoing changes and their complex interaction call for revising concepts and theories of IR and make micro-analyses of peculiar aspects of world politics particularly useful. Panels and papers analyzing any of the above-mentioned aspects that explore from a theoretical perspective and/or with empirical analyses these transformations are welcome. The dialogue with area studies and other disciplines is appreciated.

People interested in organizing a panel or presenting a paper at the 2020 SGRI Conference should send a short abstract to by March 31, 2020.


The annual SGRI Conference is an opportunity for scholars throughout Italy to come together and discuss topics that are relevant to international relations.

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