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Great Works in International Relations

This edited handbook offers an original overview of main themes in International Relations (IR) by focusing on those books that may be considered "classic works" in the field of international politics. In particular, extended reviews of major volumes in IR Theory are presented in the volume, balancing different theoretical orientations (Realism and Neorealism, Liberalism and Liberal Institutionalism, Constructivism, Foreign Policy Analysis and the English School) and discussing some of the main debates that shaped IR theory in the Twentieth Century. The volume represents a quick and accessible tool to explore the development of IR studies from their inception to the contemporary era, highlighting ideas, paradigms and worldviews that influenced scholarly thinking as well as great powers’ foreign policy over the last decades. Each chapter follows a standard format, providing information on the historical context in which the book was written, on the author’s intellectual background, and outlining the book’s main themes, its impact on the discipline and its reception in the literature. The volume is particularly suitable for graduate and undergraduate IR students, but it’s also valuable for any other social science expert who want to have a concise sketch of the most important books in IR literature as well as for people who are just curious about the main topics in international politics.

Editor: Filippo Andreatta