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Panel 1. The evolution of Italian defense in the “Enlarged Mediterranean”: patterns and perspectives
Panel Organizer: Fabrizio Coticchia (University of Genova)

Panel 2. At the crossroad between conflict and peace: international interventions in the 21st century 
Panel Organizer: Irene Costantini (University of Naples "L'Orientale")

Panel 3. Order transitions in East Asia. Equilibrium, concert or Thucydides Trap? 
Panel Organizer: Matteo Dian (University of Bologna)

Panel 4. “GLOBUS”: EU, Migration and Justice. Evaluating Migration Governance in the European Space 
Panel Organizer: Enrico Fassi (Catholic University Milan)

Panel 5. Africa and China: A Challenge to IR theory?
Panel Organizer: Arrigo Pallotti (University of Bologna)

Panel 6. Space Policy Challenges for International Relations
Panel Organizer: Paolo Foradori (School of International Studies, University of Trento)

Panel 7. South Korea’s foreign and security policy under Moon Jae-in
Panel Organizer: Marco Milani (University of Sheffield)

Panel 8. Cyber Security and International Relations: The intersection of Technology, Science and Security Studies
Panel organizer: Paolo Foradori (School of International Studies, University of Trento)

Panel 9. Regional or Global Contest for Power? Russia’s Challenge to the US-led International Order 
Panel Organizers: Gabriele Natalizia (Link Campus University), Mara Morini (University of Genova)

Panel 10. Trade, IPR and Protectionism in The New Global Context
Panel Organizer: Eugenia Baroncelli (University of Bologna)