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CERPIC - A Research Project on International Politics

CERPIC (Exploratory Research Project on International Politics and Conflict Resolution) was launched in 2012 - following a request by the Trento Autonomous Province (PAT) - with the aim to analyze international politics and to provide expert opinion to national and local institutions as well as to the public at large.CERPIC closes its exploratory phase at the end of 2016, with significant results confirming the strong reasons both for a research initiative on International Politics and for its position in Trento. 

The in-house Research Team of four (director, two post-doc fellows, one associate fellow) has published 54 products during the 5 years of the project including 2 books, 3 edited volumes, 12 book chapters and 34 articles.

In 5 years, CERPIC carried out several competitive and collaborative Research Projects (6 drafted, 4 completed, 3 financed, 3 shortlisted)

More then 200 scholars have attended Cerpic activities in Trento during the 5 years of the project.

A number of visiting fellows has been invited to complete one of their research projects in Trento. These fellows have therefore published 1 book, 2 edited volumes, 2 articles and 3 working papers. Additionally, CERPIC funded 5 fellowships for PhD students at the School of International Studies of the University of Trento and at SUM-SNS.