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About us

What is IPLab

IPLab is the new International Politics Laboratory jointly established by the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the University of Trento. It has the ambitions of developing and enriching the Italian network of scholars of international politics as well as becoming one of the main locations for the study of international relations in the country, networking with like-minded institutes, bridging different disciplines related to international affairs, and creating an effective synergy among research institutions. 

Our Aim

IPLab’s goal is twofold: on the one hand, it aims at maintaining the wide and strong network created by the Exploratory Project on International Politics and Conflict Resolution, launched by FBK in 2012 (clic here for more details); on the other hand, it has the ambition of projecting outside Italy – with the common Trentino brand – the research work by Italian scholars involved in IPLab’s activities.


More specifically, IPLab aims at:

  • gathering Italian IR Scholars, in order to carry out joint research projects;
  • stimulating cutting edge studies on the topic of international politics and conflict resolution;
  • building international research networks for collaborative and competitive projects, developing and enriching the Italian community of scholars in the field.
  • becoming a pivot point for institutions, both in Italy and around the world, that deal with the topics of war and peace, fostering the  reation of academic networks and the sharing of ideas and projects. 


Why in Trento

Trento offers an ideal location for the new institute, both for historic and for symbolic reasons. International issues are considered especially important in Trentino, given its status as a frontier region that belonged to the Hapsburg empire, its position as the theater of two world wars, its pluralistic cultural tradition and the presence of the University and other cultural institutions.